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Ruth Nielsen RN Memorial - Heartland Chapter of SOHN

Donation in memory of Ruth Nielsen


The Heartland Regional Chapter of SOHN donated to the Iowa Head and Neck Protocols in memory of our friend and colleague, Ruth Nielsen BSN RN CORLN.

Ruth worked in Otolaryngology her entire career.  While it has been over 10 years since she departed the Heartland Chapter used this venue to continue to make her contributions to patients as a wonderful Otolaryngology nurse with ongoing memories. Ruth became certified in the specialty, cared for pediatric patients with multiple acute conditions, and functioned as a triage nurse with a vast knowledge of all patients including adults in a timely manner.

Not only did Ruth participate in at University of Iowa Health Care but also regionally and nationally. Ruth remains respected by her peers and providers in her 25 years and will never be forgotten.


Otolaryngology Nursing


Otolaryngology Nursing