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Behcet's Syndrome (Neuro-Behçet) Rhythmic Myoclonus Laryngeal - Pharyngeal

see also: Laryngeal Myoclonus (Palatal-Pharyngeal-Laryngeal Myoclonus) or (Palato-Pharyngo-Laryngeal Myoclonus)


Multiple organ systems involved with Behcets included initial presentation with oral ulceration as well as genital ulcers, skin lesions and neuropsychiatric difficulties - with involvement of brainstme and spinal cord initially treated with infliximab and methotrexate (Kothari et al 2022) requiring G-tube and effective use of CPAP to improve nocturnal breathing - successul in avoiding a tracheotomy.  Recurrent aspiration pneumonia were addressed both by the gastrostomy feeding tube and methods to diminish saliva production including botulinum toxin injection to the parotid glands. 


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