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Bell's Palsy treatment algorithm (facial nerve paralysis treatment)

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In patients with Bell's Palsy (facial weakness), return to normal facial nerve function (HB I) occurred in the following % of patients (Sullivan et al. 2007):

  • Those treated with Prednisone/Acyclovir: 93% of patients
  • Those treated with placebo: 80% of patients

NOTE: Acyclovir did not increase chances of facial nerve recovery

In patients with NO PERCEPTIBLE movement within 14 days of onset (Gantz et al. 1999):

  • If ENOG degeneration is <90%, ALL patients returned to HB I or II at 7 months (treated with high dose prednisone)
  • If ENOG degeneration is >90%, and no voluntary EMG response the facial nerve function outcomes at 7 months were:
    • Without MCF facial nerve decompression: 58% developed poor outcome (HB III or IV); None returned to HB I
    • WITH MCF facial nerve decompression: 91% returned to normal or near normal (HB I or II)

HB = House-Brackmann score


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