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Case Example Video of Laryngectomy Closure True Connell Suture Technique

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Case Example Video of Laryngectomy Closure  True Connell Suture Technique

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As per Hakan et al (2020): "The suture technique used for pharyngeal mucosal closure, preoperative albumin level <3.5 g/dL, preoperative hemoglobin levels<12.5 g/dL, and previous radiotherapy to the head and neck are risk factors for PCF development. Modified continuous Connell suture is a good option for pharyngeal closure"



Hakan Avci MD, Burak Karabulut, MD  Is It Important Which Suturing Technique Used for Pharyngeal Mucosal Closure in Total Laryngectomy? Modified Continuous Connell Suture May Decrease Pharyngocutaneous Fistula  Ear, Nose & Throat Journal Volume: 99 issue: 10, page(s): 664-670
Article first published online: July 23, 2020; Issue published: December 1, 2020  First Published July 23, 2020 Research Article Find in PubMed https://doi.org/10.1177/0145561320938918