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Meningioma - Jugular Foramen - Rads

last modified on: Mon, 05/08/2017 - 15:38

Meningioma - Jugular Foramen

  •  Arises from arachnoid cap cells found along the cranial nerves which pass through the jugular foramen
  •  Look for permeative-sclerotic bony erosions on CT and tumor spread along dural surfaces on post-contrast T1 MR
  •  Typically large at presentation (>3 cm) with poorly-defined margins and centrifugal spread, especially along dura
  •  On CT: hyperdense mass with permeative-sclerotic bony changes without contrast, high density with contrast
  •  CT spread patterns:
    •  Superolateral to middle-ear mastoid space
    •  Lateral to CN VII mastoid segment
    •  Anterior to horizontal petrous ICA canal
    •  Anteromedial to patrous apex
  • On MR:
    •  Hypo- to isointense on T1 with ABSENT flow voids and rarely bright calcifactions
    •  Hypointense on T2
    •  FLAIR hyperintense,
    •  T1 post-contrast is hyperintese with good definition of spread
  •  Most common in 40-60 year-olds with a male to female ratio of 1:2