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Midas Rex Drill Tray

last modified on: Mon, 05/08/2017 - 16:15

Midas-Rex Medtronic Platinum Oto Tray
1 Motor, Midas-Rex Legend Platinum, w/ Lubricant/Diffuser Housing, 12 ft, #PM200 (motor head is platinum in color; no product number visible on motor or hose)

1 Attachment, Midas-Rex, Angled 5.0 in, #AA07, #7-6ST, Yellow

1 Attachment, Midas-Rex, 3.25 in, #AS08, #8-B, Red

1 Attachment, Midas-Rex, Angled 6.0 in, #AA10, #10-9ST, Purple

1 Block, Midas-Rex Legend Burr, 3.5 in x 2.0 in

1 Wrench, Midas-Rex Legend, 5 in, #PA130

1 Midas-Rex Legend Instrument Case

Flas Instructions: Unwrapped 25 minutes, Wrapped 4/2

Method of Ster: Steam 270