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Ordering genetic counseling for hearing loss UIHC

last modified on: Mon, 04/01/2024 - 09:32

Orders should be placed incident to a face-to-face visit with a physician/APP who clinically recommends genetic counseling in order to increase the likelihood of insurance coverage for the consult.

Based off your specialty selection the consult will automatically route to the appropriate schedulers. The priority within the outpatient order is a hospital setting. Any modification must be approved by Drs. Hightower and Campbell and the core team.

  • Step 1: Go to ‘meds and orders’ and search for: “Outpatient Consult Genetic Counseling” Or “Con Genetic"
  • Step 2: 
    • You will need to select a specialty
    • Choose Otolaryngology to route the referral to Amanda Schaefer
    • Under ‘referral’ do not change the ‘to dept’ or ‘to dept spec’, it will automatically populate with where the referral will go
    • New questions will display once a specialty is selected
      • Example:
          • Otolaryngology was chosen.
          • More questions populate the order. 
    • Please indicate if the consult is clinically recommended or elective (definitions in the order and below) 
  • Inpatient Consult

What does Clinically Recommended mean?

  • Clinically recommended genetic counseling is counseling ordered by a provider (physician/APP) that is necessary for the diagnosis or treatment of disease, illness or injury, without which the patient can be expected to suffer prolonged, increased or new morbidity, impairment of function, dysfunction or significant pain and discomfort.

What does “elective” mean?

  • Elective genetic counseling includes self-referrals and screening services for indications that are not expected to impact the patient’s management, or do not meet professional guidelines for standard of care