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Ranula Rads

last modified on: Tue, 03/20/2018 - 13:21


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  •  Simple ranula: post-inflammatory retention cyst, epithelial lining, located above the mylohyoid muscle
  •  Diving ranula: extravasation pseudocyst, occurs when a large ranula ruptures into the submandibular space, no epithelial lining
  •  Also known as a sublingual gland mucocele, mucous retention cyst
  •  Trauma or inflammation of the sublingual salivary gland resulting in obstuction and saliva collection
  •  Simple ranulas are well-defined and thin walled (ovoid)
  •  Diving ranulas show a sublingual space collapsed "tail" and submandibular extension (comet-shaped)
  •  Simple ranulas are typically <3 cm; diving ranulas are often <6 cm but can be massive
  •  On CT: low-density, unilocular lesion, subtle ring enhancement, florid enhancement if infected
  •  On MR: low signal on T1; very high signal on T2; T1 post-contrast shows wall enhancement and high signal if infection present
  •  Median presentation age is 30, more common in Pacific islanders