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Recurrent Vocal Fold Polyp In-Clinic Treatment

last modified on: Wed, 01/24/2024 - 06:38

  • Former teacher - dysphonia associated with recurrent lesions of left vocal fold* 1996 and 1998: Surgical removal of superficial vocal fold lesions interpreted at the UIHC pathology dept: "benign laryngeal nodules"
  • 2000 - Referral to the UIHC: Surgical removal of 3 separate superficial cystic lesions on left vocal cord: each = "benign laryngeal nodules"
  • 4 years of normal voicing
  • 2005 - Resection of recurrent superficial cystic lesion on left vocal cord. Pathology = "vocal nodule"
  • Improved voicing until gradual progression of dysphonia Sept 2009
  • Oct 7 2009 - In-Clinic Resection of left vocal fold lesion via transnasal fiberoptic laryngoscopy. Pathology = 'vocal cord polyp' 
  • Nov 17 2009 - Follow-videostroboscopy