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Sialosis - Rads

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see also: Sialosis or Sialadenosis of the Salivary Glands

and Sialosis or sialadenosis Case example of surgical treatment

  •  Diffuse, bilateral swelling of the major salivary glands
  •  Non-neoplastic, non-inflammatory, non-tender or tender enlargement of glands with insidious onset
  •  Often occurs in the setting of endocrine disorders (diabetes), nutritional disorders (anorexia/bulemia), or drugs (alcohol, antihypertensives) 
  •  Predominantly in females with peak incidence in 5th and 6th decades
  •  Histopathology shows acinar cell hypertrophy, atrophy of striated ducts and edema of interstitial connective tissue.  Advanced disease shows widespread replacement of acini with fatty tissue