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Vocal Process Granuloma (Contact Granuloma) Treated with KTP Laser

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Modified Operative Note

Procedure: Transnasal (left) laryngoscopy with KTP lasing (71 joules) to right vocal process granuloma with biopsy (debulking) sent for path
Preop Diagnosis: Right vocal process granuloma
Postop Diagnosis:Same
Anesthesia: bilateral superior laryngeal nerve blocks (2% with 1:100,000) 1 cc to each side; nasal decongestion (left) with afrin, two sprays of 4% lidocaine with phenylephrine, transnasal application of 4% lidocaine through VT scope with 25 gauge sclerotherapy needle 2 cc topically to larynx
Description of Procedure: Following identification of the patient informed consent and a brief timeout in the surgicenter; following the above anesthesia, the VT scope was placed through the left nostril with lateral pressure on the well anesthetized inferior turbinate. 
            KTP lasing (61 joules) as KTP 2,3 and 4 to bilobed right vocal process granuloma to base and superficially was followed (withdrawing VT scope to nasopharynx but not removing from nose -permitting straightening) to do two separate passages of biopsy forceps with specimen sent for path
            Additional 10 joules of KTP 3,4 to based then done
He was observed in clinic for another 1/2 hour and discharged home with f/u in 1-2 months (he has frequent repeated trips to the Oto clinic and UIHC)