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2019 Entering Class Profile

Number in Class: 152

The entering class size is 152, which includes 7 positions for the MD/PhD (MSTP) program, leaving 145 for the general MD.  The MD class is made up of 70% Iowa residents.  The MSTP does not have a residency requirement. 

Type of Student Number
Iowa residents 104
Nonresidents 48
MSTP (MD/PhD) Students 7
Females 76 (50%)
Mean Age (at admission) 23
Age Range 20-39

Undergraduate Majors (30 different majors)

Students in this year's class continue to demonstrate a broad cross-section of undergraduate majors. Course requirements for admission into the MD program include biology, chemistry, physics, and biochemistry. While a majority of the class held majors in the sciences and health sciences, many also graduated with majors in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and engineering.

Undergraduate Colleges Represented: 62

Type of Undergraduate Institution Number Percent
Graduates of Regents Institutions Iowa-47 ISU-13UNI-2 41
Graduates of Other Iowa Colleges 14 9
Graduates of Colleges Outside of Iowa  76 50

Mean GPA

Mean Science GPA 3.76
Mean Nonscience GPA 3.87
Mean Total GPA 3.81

Mean MCAT Scores

Overall 514
CARS 128
PSBB 129
CPBS 128
BBFL 129


Type of Ethnic Status Number
Under-represented in medicine 16 (10.5%)
Minority 31 (20.4%)
White/No Response 105 (69.1%)