Interview FAQ

Who is offered an interview?

Applicants are selected by the Admissions Committee. 

What if I choose a Virtual Interview?

Our admissions committee understands that applicants must make difficult choices when selecting an interview date and format.  The committee recognizes that applicants must factor in costs, availability, and other concerns when choosing to travel for interviews.  Applicants are encouraged to choose the interview format that works best for them. Interview format will not be disclosed to our committee and will not factor into admissions decisions.

Both interview formats are the same and you will meet with Faculty, staff and students.  To find out more check this webpage.

Does an invitation indicate that my file is complete?

An invitation to interview may be extended before your application file is complete. It is suggested that you check with our office periodically to be certain that all required materials are in your file.

When are interviews held?

Interviews are conducted on weekdays from September through January.

Is there an advantage to interviewing early in the season?

Students are admitted on a rolling basis. Therefore, it is in the applicant’s best interest to schedule their interview as soon as possible after the invitation is received. Submitting all required application materials early will increase the chances of an early interview invitation.

What happens on interview day?

The day is led by admissions staff, beginning with an orientation session including financial aid information. Your 25-minute interview is conducted by two Carver College of Medicine (CCOM) faculty members. Medical Student Ambassadors host a lunchtime discussion and provide a tour of the CCOM and the University of Iowa Health Care Medical Center. Applicants also participate in a Case-Based Learning exercise facilitated by 4th year medical students. (The only difference between a virtual and in person interview day is we do not serve lunch). If you receive an interview, a detailed schedule will be provided.

What is the interview like?

The 25-minute interview is conducted by two faculty members and consists of two parts. The first part of the interview is structured - meaning all applicants are asked the same questions that day and interviewers do not ask follow up questions.  The second part of the interview is unstructured where interviewers may offer follow-up questions such as asking for more information about your background or experiences. You will be encouraged to ask questions during this portion as well. The Admissions Committee has requested that faculty interviewers consider: your interest in a medical career, your own personal characteristics, and your experiences and insight into current medical issues. The interviewers do not have access to your academic record, MCAT score(s), or any part of your AMCAS application.

How do I dress?

Professional dress is encouraged. We also suggest wearing comfortable shoes for the tour. Weather in Iowa can be unpredictable, so come prepared for anything! Applicants interviewing from December through January may need boots and warm coats.

May a friend or relative accompany me?

Because space is limited, we are unable to accommodate additional persons.

Where are the interviews held and how do I get there?

Arrive at the Carver College of Medicine Admissions Office, which is on the first floor of the Medical Education and Research Facility on 375 Newton Road. The majority of the day will be spent in this building.


  • The Newton Road Ramp (Lot 10) which is located on the North side of Newton Road across the street from the Medical Education and Research Facility (on the South side).
    Parking rates at the Newton Road Parking Ramp are approximately $20 a day.

  • Enter into Ramp (360 Newton Road) main entrance on the North side of Newton Road.
  • If the ramp is full, metered parking is available immediately in front of the ramp.

The AAMC Medical School Applicant Interview Preparation Guide