Distinction Tracks

The Carver College of Medicine’s Distinction Tracks offer students the opportunity to pursue scholarship outside of the medical curriculum. The tracks represent ways for our students to explore interests beyond the basic science and clinical knowledge domains. The pursuit of distinction tracks is noted  in a student’s Medical Student Performance Evaluation Letter, acknowledged at graduation, and noted on their final transcript.

Note: Students are limited to earning no more than two distinction tracks.  Participation in more than one distinction track is only allowed when necessary requirements for each track are satisfied separately.

A summary of track deadlines and application processes is available PDF icon here.  For additional details, refer to each track website below:

Global Health Distinction Track

The Global Health Distinction Track supports and guides students in developing expertise in global health issues with the goal of subsequent career involvement in global health service, policy making, research, and/or teaching.

Healthcare Delivery Science, Management and Policy Distinction Track

The Healthcare Delivery Science, Management, and Policy Distinction Track exposes medical students to the innovations and integrations of healthcare delivery outside of direct medical care. Partnering with faculty from the Tippie College of Business, this track enriches the Carver College of Medicine’s core curriculum by offering students a program geared toward producing physician leaders of tomorrow. 

Humanities Distinction Track

The Humanities Distinction Track encourages, supports, and recognizes medical students who pursue scholarship in ethics, writing, or the humanities. This track will promote students’ growth as professionals and also further the promotion of humanism in medicine.

Research Distinction Track

The Research Distinction Track allows students to enrich their medical training by experiencing research in a meaningful and substantial way. Throughout medical school RDT candidates devote a minimum of 16 weeks to active research under the supervision of a faculty member and participate in other research related activities such as seminars, clubs, conferences, and meetings. 

Service Distinction Track

Our goal for the Service Distinction Track is to encourage, support, and recognize medical students who work extensively with medically underserved, marginalized, and rural populations during their medical school careers.

Teaching Distinction Track

The Teaching Distinction Track prepares Carver College of Medicine students to be effective educators, which happens to be an important part of their future work as residents and attending physicians. Our objectives for the Teaching Distinction Track are to encourage, equip and recognize medical students as effective educators. Preparing students for involvement in medical education and community outreach is designed to enrich their contribution and experiences in medicine.