The New Horizons MD Curriculum

Innovation, Integration and Individualization constitute the 'Three I’s' of our New Horizons Curriculum. Given the phenomenal pace of change in technologic progress and the explosion of scientific discovery of new knowledge, tomorrow’s physicians must now be educated in ways that will allow them to continuously adapt to the complex and continuously evolving environment of health care delivery.  The goal of the new curriculum is to develop enduring attitudes, skills, and knowledge that will provide focus and direction for tomorrow’s physicians in a future that cannot be easily predicted.

Examples of the ‘Three I’s’ in the CCOM Curriculum:

  • Innovation—Scientific content taught in context of the 6 fundamental mechanisms of health.
  • Integration—Early clinical experiences integrated with scientific content to provide contextual learning.  Our foundational science courses are each co-directed by a scientist and a clinician.
  • Individualization—Increased time during the last three semesters for students to choose how they will tailor their educational experience.

 Read the learning objectives for the curriculum on this page.  For a deeper dive into the New Horizons Curriculum, visit this page.