Community Health Outreach

Community Health Outreach (CHO) is a 2-year service-learning elective, focused on increasing awareness and knowledge of social aspects of healthcare, including healthcare systems, health equity, and community-based programs. First-year students will learn about these topics as well as about local organizations that provide care and resources to medically underserved populations. Students will have the opportunity to hear from various speakers (physicians, faculty, community members), engage in discussion with peers and participate in individual and group outreach activities.

Second-year students will apply this knowledge to a self-directed service project targeting a community health need.

The course is organized and led by second year medical students.  The goal of CHO is to give students access to resources, knowledge and insights they will be able to use to provide competent, compassionate care to their future patients from all backgrounds and take an active role in community health outreach efforts.

Course Supervisor