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Global Health Distinction Recipients and Final Projects, 2012-2023

Class of 2023

Comparative Observations on Home Births in the NHS - Jessica De Haan
Childhood Malnutrition in Ecuador - Matthew Kelly
Barriers to Adequate Pain Management at Mokopane Hospital - Cory Lin
Orientation and ED Psychiatric Histories for Students Rotating at Blackfeet Community Hospital and other IHS Sites - Joseph Mueller
Effects of the Occupation of Palestine on Pediatric Health - Lulua Rawwas
Advancing Health Equity in Diabetic Patients - Shakoora Sabree
Assessing Barriers to Care for Musculoskeletal Injuries Among Pacific Small Island Developing States - Nathan Saxby
Retail Pharmacy in Ecuador - Sarah Stueve
Educational Utility of Video-Based Teaching Tools for Burn Care and Prevention in Low and Middle-Income Countries - Ashley Vaughan
Medical Education System Comparison Between the USA and Denmark - Abigail Walling

Class of 2022

Postpartum Contraception in Iowa's Uninsured Population- Emma Barr
Bringing Remote Healthcare to New Heights: Characterizing the Patient Population in the Pangi Valley of India to Guide Patient Care Strategies- Lisa Bell
Global Cervical Cancer Prevention- Korbi Burkey
Healthcare Infrastructure in Ecuador and the Impact of COVID-19 on Healthcare Delivery- Olivia Chase
Longitudinal Cohort Studies: Considerations and Implications- Erika Dorff
Healthcare: A Cultural Commentary- Allison Fillman
Direct Primary Care as a Model for Immigrant Healthcare- Joelle Friesen
Parental Separation in Palestine- Abby Fyfe
Johnson County Refugee Health and Access to Medical Care Through: Chronic Disease, Education, and Clinic Utilization- Hope Kramer
Continuing Medical Education Needs in Rural South Africa- Jared Larson
Poverty, Race, and Ethical Photojournalism Abroad- Sivani Parsa
Surgical Videography for Burn Reconstruction- Brian Paul
Overview of Ecuador's Health Care System- Jeremy Sanchez
International Healthcare System Comparison: Access to Specialists- Joshua Schulte
Malnutrition in the United States and Ecuador- Timothy Sevcik
Limitations to Opioid Availability and Efforts to Improve Provider Confidence in Managing Pain in India- Alaina Studt
Perceptions of Minority and White Women Regarding Their Physicians' Care and Barriers to Care Generally: A Qualitative Analysis- Megan Vree

Class of 2021

A New Ranking System for Global Surgery Training Programs- Brady Campbell
Challenges in Global Mental Health: The Case of Sri Lanka following the 2004 Tsunami- Jeff Carley
Liberation Medicine: A Discussion and Examination in Indonesia and the Navajo Nation- Melissa Chan
COVID-19 and Social Determinants of Health: The Rural Impact and Vulnerable Populations- Marissa Evers
Post-Colonial Suicide in Indigenous Populations: A Literature Review- Logan Goetzinger
Chemsex Outreach in Iowa- Mitchell Hooyer
How Host Country Experience and Transnational Media Consumption of Immigrants Influence Their Perception of COVID-19 and the COVID-19 Vaccines- Megan Horne
The Application of Portable Ultrasound and Low-Cost Technologies in Low-Resource and Remote Settings- Michael Klemme
Ethics of Global Health Photography- Kathryn Marcus
A Spatio-Temporal Analysis of County-Level Weather and Drinking Wells Characteristics on Enteric Infections in the State of Iowa (2003-2012)- Marcus Munoz
The Navajo Nation: Violence Against Women- Anne Nora
Cultural Competency Training in Mental Health Crisis Intervention and De-escalation for CCOM Trainees- Kiran Sharma

Class of 2020

COVID-19 in Pediatric Populations- Nicholas Dimenstein
Maternal Anemia in Uganda: Assessing Understanding of Dietary Iron Needs- Eleanor Germano
COVID-19 Outbreak and Ecuador- John Henstrom
Global Perspectives on Cervical Cancer- Lucille Howard
Migrant Farmworkers in Iowa and North Carolina: Comparing Communities and Learning from Each Other- Amanda McLearn-Montz
Challenges to Providing Emergency Medical Care at Rural IHS Hospitals, a Perspective from the Northern Navajo Medical Center- Anthony Rauschenbach
Reproductive Essential Medicines- Abby Rewoldt
The Impact of Time-Based Waiting Targets in International Emergency Medicine- David Rudolph
Substance Use and Abuse amongst Native Americans: Observations of one IHS sites’ Programs and Challenges – Danielle Shilling
Social Determinants of Health in the Himalayas, Navajo and Hopi Reservation and Quetzaltenango, Guatemala- Katie Sumpter
Barriers that Hinder the Successful Implementation of a Vaccination Program in a Third-World Setting- Jesse White

Class of 2019

Prenatal Care in Rural India: A Practical Union of Public Health and Clinical Medicine- Sraavja Akella
Social Determinants of Health- Maria Arulraja
Healthcare Circumstances of the Meskwaki- Matthew Becker
Beyond Sterility: Cultural Sensitivity in Informed Consent- Mikayla Freese
Code Status in the US and UK: How (Not) to Talk About It- Eleanor Ginn
Barriers to the Use of Store-and-Forward Teledermatology in Sub-Saharan Africa- Claire Hannah
Barriers to Healthcare Faced By “Invisible” Populations with the USA- A Focus on ”Global Health”- Amy Hanson
An Examination of Barriers to Health in Chiapas, Mexico, and Reflections on Root Causes of Disease- Jordan Harbaugh-Williams
Addressing Disparities in Health Literacy for Patients and Communities-Hannah McAtee
O Legado de Scarlett: Continuing to Bring Breastmilk to Infants in Need- Chelsea Meier Lima Nobre de Queiroz
Patient Autonomy in East Africa- Emily Nemeth
Current Refugee Understanding of Preventative Healthcare Services in Iowa- Hailee Reist
Physician Involvement in Capital Punishment- Erin Renfrew
Assessing Reasons for Contraceptive Use and Unmet Need Across the Globe- Alexandra Tymkowicz
Grassroots Medicine: Exploring the Evolution of the Bairo Pite Clinic from an Organizational Behavior Perspective- Jessica Waters
Photography In Global Health: The Phenomenology of Power in Volunteer Photography- Greg Yungtum

Class of 2018

Global Oncology through the Lens of a Tertiary Institution in India- Hemali Batra-Sharma
Perinatal Bereavement in Riobamba, Ecuador- Kristin Bremer
Global Opioid Use- Ethan Craig
Needle Exchange Programs for Intravenous Drug Users: Preventing the Spread of Hepatitis C on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation- Julie Gudenkauf
Where Gender and Medicine Meet: Blood Donation Practices in The Gambia- Susannah Koch
Barriers to Advanced-Stage Cervical Cancer Prevention in Southern India- Meredith Parsons
Congolese Health Partnership: Assessing Barriers and Needs among Congolese “New Iowans” in Utilizing Perinatal Health Care- Kevin John Rivera
Healthcare Delivery to Remote, Indigenous Populations- Kathryn Songer
Food Insecurity and Health Outcomes: Case Studies from Rural Haiti and the Navajo Nation- Dana Van Der Heide
The Effect of Religious Practices and Beliefs on the Delivery of Healthcare in Ladakh, India and Stockholm, Sweden- Adam Verhoef
Refugees in High Resource Countries- Corbin Weaver

Class of 2017

Consent Across Cultures- Meghan Flannery
Health Education in a Rural, Resource Poor Setting in Northern India- Blake Funke
Balancing Access to Care and Quality of Care in Developing Health Systems-Miles Greenwald
Growth Stunting in Ecuador- Susan Leslie
Barriers of Access to Healthcare in Developing Systems- Brandon Lyle
Global Differences in Family Planning- Marielle Meurice
Global Restrictions on Family Planning: The Argument against Morality-Based Provision of Women’s Healthcare- Katherine Ryken

Class of 2016

Surgical Indicators in Papua New Guinea: Improving Accuracy and Accessibility - Joshua Bleicher
Liberation Medicine in Chiapas, Mexico - Jason Block
Challenges in the Implementation of a Successful Cervical Cancer Screening Program in a Developing Country - Neha Dhungana
The Burden of Chronic Disease in the Developing World - Jessica Gaulter
A Comparison of Prenatal Care and Delivery in the United Kingdom vs. the United States - Mackenzie Treloar
Transcultural Psychiatry in Stockholm - Kurt Wall

Class of 2015

Global Health Technologies: Projects in Uganda and India - Heidi Ahmed
Safety on Wheels: An Educational Module for School-aged Children to Address Motorcycle Safety in Guatemala - Rhonda Endecott
Pain and Palliation throughout the World - Kaitlin Flannery
A Comparative Analysis of Three Health Systems: My Experiences in The UK, US, and India - Dwiju Kumar
Access to Health Systems of Marginalized Populations: Comparative Case Studies in Peru Clubfoot Treatment, South Texas Colonias, and Burmese Refugees in Waterloo, IA - Melissa Palma
Palliative Care in India and Denmark - Gregory Pelc

Class of 2014

Pediatric Malnutrition: Global Problem with No Global Solution- Amber Meyer
Pediatric Disability in Tanzania, Nicaragua, and India: Observations Regarding Societal Perceptions, Integration, and Treatment of Disabled Children - Kathleen Miller
Guarding Water: Water Safety and Household Water Treatment in Haiti - Branden Skarpiak
Healthcare in the Himalayas and the Blackfeet Reservation: A Comparison - Claire Swogger

Class of 2013

Teaching the Next Step - Christina Beaird
Doorstep Solutions: Examples from Rural Haiti and Urban Brazil to Support Transitioning Medical Care Investments to the Household - Rachel Bender
Cultural Influences on the Ethics of Informed Consent in Surgery: A Multi-Center Observation and Review - David Brauer
Neonatal Resuscitation Assessment and Implementation in Ganta, Liberia and Gonja, Tanzania - Kendra Frush
Global Perspectives on Rural Healthcare - Michael McLaughlin

Class of 2012

Malaria Control, Prevention, and Treatment Strategies Used in Mali and Honduras - Benjamin Bryden
Adolescent Pregnancy in Poor Communities: Causes, Effects, and What We Can Do About It - Muriel Bryden
La Clínica del Sagrado Corazon at the Finca del Niño: Longitudinally Advancing Healthcare Quality and Delivery - Nick Kluesner
Mammography Guidelines and Their Implementation Within Healthcare Systems Worldwide: Decreasing Patient Mortality or Increasing Healthcare Costs? - Meredith McKean