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Humanities Distinction Track Process

Students indicate intent to pursue the Humanities Distinction Track (HDT) by December 31 of the M2 academic year.  However, there may be circumstances under which indication of intent can be made as late as the end of the M3 academic year, if completion of the HDT requirements still appears feasible.

M1 and M2 students who are considering the HDT but are not ready to apply are encouraged to participate in elective opportunities during the M1 and M2 years (such as Writing Electives, the Bioethics & Humanities Seminar, and/or the Personal-Professional Compass Program) so that if they do choose to apply to the HDT later on they will already have made progress toward satisfying the requirement of participating in two elective opportunities (see Requirements and Graduation Criteria).

Interested students will make initial contact with one of the Humanities Distinction Track (HDT) co-directors for advice about potential faculty mentors. Students will then communicate with CCOM faculty members and identify one faculty member who is willing to serve as their primary mentor for the duration of the HDT.

In the unusual case that a student needs to select a primary mentor who is not a CCOM faculty member, the student will also need to identify a CCOM faculty member who is willing to serve as a secondary mentor and who will submit a Secondary Letter of Nomination acknowledging review of, and agreement with, the nomination letter from the primary mentor.

Submit an Indication of Intent here.