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University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Two opportunities will be awarded this year by the UI Carver College of Medicine to third year medical students to pursue studies at University of Oxford in England during their M4 year. The purpose of the opportunity is to expand the knowledge and experience of the selected student in both medical education and patient care in England. This elective will last for a minimum of a four-week period and will be scheduled during the student's fourth year of medical school.

To be considered for this opportunity, please submit the following materials by noon, October 1 to med-globalhealth@uiowa.edu.

  • An essay, three pages maximum, addressing why you would like to be selected for the University of Oxford program, and what you, as a representative of the UI Carver College of Medicine, could bring to the exchange.
  • Two letters of recommendation from persons who know you well. Although we encourage letters from College of Medicine faculty, letters may also be from undergraduate professors, mentors, etc.
  • Recipients must be in good academic standing.

Candidates will be chosen based on their application materials, ability to serve in an institutional ambassador role, record of academic performance, and the match of their interest with University of Oxford's programs.

The scholarship includes a $2,000 stipend to cover a portion of the cost of airfare, room, and board.
Application materials received later than noon on October 1 will not be accepted.

Additional details on Oxford can be found at the link below. If you would like greater detail on the institution or the course options, please email the Global Health Programs Office.