Lois Boulware Community

Our community takes its name from Lois Boulware, a leader in the creation of our own Student Health Service and the originator of the patient advocacy program at UIHC. 

2024 Staff and Student Leadership

  • Community Director:  Katie Iverson, PA-C, Ben Reinking, MD
  • Manager:  Billie Ruden
  • Support Staff:  Kris Dawkins
  • Co-Mayors: Haley Losh and Alex Nigg
  • Treasurers: Kyle Armour and Danielle Pellack
  • Secretary/Social Media: Mary Crompton and Mahliah Ingersoll
  • Diversity Co-Chairs: Sebastian Gomez and Spencer Pham
  • Advocacy Chair: Abeer Iqbal
  • Philanthropy-R4Y/UAY Liaisons: Paisley Bryant (chair), Grace Haugstad, Neena Deshpande, Clara Hess, Spenser Larson, Jared Butner
  • Wellness: Laura Ulibarri (chair), Adi Kotla, Maria Vardapetyan, Paisley Bryant 
  • Grand Rounds: Srinath Nandakumar (chair), Grace Haugstad, Danielle Pellack, Michael Zhu
  • Social/Activities: Blu Schultz and Michael Zhu
  • Trivia: Sarah Nacos
  • Green Thumb: Laura Ulibarriand Cecilia Myers
  • PA RepRaginya Handoo

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About Dr. Lois Boulware, MD (1903-1998)

Our name pays tribute to a renowned female figure in the college. Lois Boulware was one of six women who graduated in her class of 101. She went on to work as Assistant Director of the University of Iowa Health Services from 1938 until the early 1970s. Dr. Boulware's impact on the college still resonates with the students and faculty today. Some of her unique characteristics that set her apart were:

  • Her love for reading - Boulware's parents always made an effort to surround her with books as a child in order to foster her learning, and led to an appreciation for self-improvement
  • Her ability to overcome adversity - Boulware attended college during the years of the Great Depression where she had to find a way to pay for her schooling through working, taking out loans, and family assistance
  • Her devotion to her work - Dr. Boulware started working as the Assistant Director for the University's Health Services, which was a career that didn't boast an avenue towards wealth or professional distinction at the time, but her devotion and compassion in her position earned her the nickname of "Dr. B"
  • She was an innovator - After she started the Patient Representative Program, Boulware introduced interpreters for patients possessing little or no knowledge of English, and she also developed the UIHC Volunteer Program which continues today
  • Her care for patients - She created a facility to for family members of patients undergoing surgery. The Day of Surgery Lounge was staffed with professionals who provided technical information regarding surgical procedures and progress reports

Dr. Boulware brought great distinction upon herself and the College of Medicine. At the time she worked in college, she was just one of 30 women that were a part of the 374 UI College of Medicine faculty. Boulware overcame the few opportunities for women in academic medicine at the time, and she devoted her career to providing medical care with a human touch.

Read Dr. Boulware's full story: PDF iconLois Boulware Learning Community.pdf