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Rubin Flocks Community

Dr. Rubin Flocks devoted his life to medicine. "It is clear to everyone who ever came into contact with him that Rubin Flocks was a man of singular dedication and distinction. His life was devoted to medicine, and, in turn, to humanity. And that portion of humanity which he touched viewed him as an exemplar, not merely of medical excellence, but of the human qualities that act as a model for others…"

2022-2023 Staff and Student Leadership

  • Community Director:  David Swanson, MD, Catherine DeGeeter, MD 
  • Support Staff:  Dana Hartman 
  • Co-Mayors:  Linda Peng, Ryan Williams
  • Secretary:  Maddie Rhomberg
  • Treasurer:  Evan Balk
  • PA Representative:  Julie Vuong
  • Advocacy Chair:  Jace Leininger, Faith Prochaska
  • Diversity Chair:  Irving Delgado-Arellanes
  • Philanthropy Co-Chairs:  Kevin Kato, Katie Weston
  • Grand Rounds Co-Chairs:  Lubin Deng, Klaudia Golebiewski, Aditi Katwala
  • Wellness Co-Chair:  Stephanie Gibbons, Amy Huang
  • Social Co-Chairs:  Kyle Berst, Darby Manternach, Cameron Vannoy

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About Dr. Rubin H. Flocks (1906-1975)

Our name commemorates Dr. Rubin Flocks, known to be one of the hardest working professionals at the College of Medicine. Flocks graduated from the Carver College of Medicine in 1949 where he studied Urology and Surgery. He went on to move up through the ranks and eventually became the Department Chair of Urology, a position that he held for 25 years. Flocks is still highly regarded in the college today, and his many positive characteristics still inspire students:

  • He was a perfectionist - Flocks studied under Nathaniel Alcock, the first head of urology, who was known to run his department with a military-like efficiency. This training greatly built upon Flocks' attention to detail.
  • He was an achiever - Flocks moved quickly through the ranks after becoming a chief resident in 1934. He rose to associate the year after, then assistant professor in 1937, associate professor in 1939, and professor in 1947. In 1949, Dr. Flocks was appointed as the Department Chair.
  • Flocks had the ability to overcome adversity - He was navigating the medical field during a time when Anti-Semitism was a pervasive feature in American society. He had to work harder in order to overcome the restrictions in securing internships, residencies, and academic appointments.
  • He was committed to his work - Flocks was said to have arrived at the University Hospital every day at 7:00a.m., and he could be found working in his office some nights until 10:00p.m., followed on occasion by extra patient rounds.

Dr. Flocks was one of the most committed faculty members at the College of Medicine. His time serving as the Chair of Urology brought a reputation to the department for exemplary patient service. The Department of Urology created an endowed chair in his name honoring his service to the college, medical education, medical science and profession, and to patient care.

Read Dr. Flocks full story: PDF iconFlocks Learning Community.pdf