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Additional Resources

Important Financial Literacy Links:

Federal Student Aid Website   - track your federal loans online

Mint - great source for budgeting information, financial strategies, and articles on financial literacy

The White Coat Investor - great source for financial literacy articles, blogs, and resources

Paycheck City - determine how much your take home pay will be once you start earning a paycheck

AAMC First - great source for financial literacy articles, videos, and webinars

AAMC First Medloans Calculator - estimate loan repayment amounts during residency and after residency.  Estimate length of repayment period, total interest paid, total loan repayment amount, and forgiveness estimates

Federal Loan Repayment Estimator - another excellent resource for estimating repayment amounts.  This calculator does not take residency into consideration so it works great for Physician Assistant students.

Wallet Hub - Another great resource for fincnial literacy information!  This website offers lots of information on a wide variety of financial literacy topics 

University of Iowa U-bill Powerpoint - very informative presentation on what you need to know about your u-bill.