Emergency Short-Term Loans

The Carver College of Medicine has a few short-term loan accounts that can be utilized for emergency needs of up to $2,000. These funds are used in cases when a loan check is delayed for reasons out of a student's control. They are not approved in cases when applications for financial aid have not been submitted in a timely manner.

If you wish to apply for an emergency short-term loan, schedule an appointment with Chris Roling  (319-353-3092) or chris-roling@uiowa.edu

Loan Details

Short-term loans are typically billed within 60 to 90 days of disbursement by ECSI (Educational Computer Systems, Inc.), a billing service for the University of Iowa.

  • You will receive your loan statement from them directly when the loan is due.
  • This loan will not be deducted from your financial aid or show up on your U-bill. 
  • Loans not paid on schedule will accrue interest and non-payment will effect registration for future semesters.
  • Loan funds will be processed by the University of Iowa Billing Office.

If the loan is being paid directly to you, funds will be sent to you by check, or credited to your bank account if you have set up direct deposit. If the loan is designated to be direct deposited into a personal bank account and your loan is more than $1,000, note that a maximum of $1,000 will be deposited directly by the next business day; the remaining amount will be deposited in three business days.

We strongly encourage you to set up direct deposit, via MyUI, into a personal bank account. If you have no bank account, or choose not to take advantage of direct deposit, you will have to wait for a check to be issued. This will result in a delay of five to seven days. If you have further questions, please contact the Billing Office at 319-335-0071 for additional information.