Residency Search Loans (M4's Only)

CHANGE FOR THE 2-22 ACADEMIC YEAR:  Since residency search intereviews will be virtual for the 2020-21 year, we are not able to increase loans for residency search travel expenses.  


Federal regulations have been modified to allow some of the costs of residency interviews to be covered through federal loans, meaning Stafford or PLUS loans. You can request this adjustment to your loans for up to $3,900 (without receipts).   Simply fill out this form PDF icon 2019-20 Residency Search Loan Form.pdf and send it to our office by email or drop it off in person.  If you feel you need an adjustment above $3,900, you will need to submit receipts and trip itineraries to justify your request & the committee will determine whether an additional adjustment can be made. 

The adjustment will be made first to which ever Stafford loan has not been maxed out, most likely your unsub or to your PLUS loan.  If you do not currently have a PLUS loan but the adjustment would be above your unsub eligibility, you will have to sign a PLUS master promissory note and do entrance counseling before the loan can be originated; there is also a credit check necessary for PLUS loans but it is less stringent than the credit check required for private loans.  Originating and processing a PLUS loan can take 2-4 weeks; you can see your current loan sources and amounts on ISIS.   

There are also a few types of private loans that are available to M4 students to assist with residency search and relocation costs of the fourth year. These loans are available to credit-worthy borrowers in addition to other educational loans they might have. It is always best to maximize your eligibility against the standard cost of education before resorting to any of these loans, since these loans have less attractive terms than other, true, educational loans.

To view a loan comparison pdf document, click on this link:  PDF icon Residency Search Loan Comparison 23-24.pdf

These additional loans will of course increase your debt, so we encourage you to budget wisely and minimize spending by using the HOST program below.

'HOST' Program (lodging)

The Help Our Students Travel (HOST) Program matches our fourth-year medical students with alumni volunteers during residency interviews around the country. Alumni volunteers provide lodging for medical students in their homes during interview travels as well as offer invaluable advice to the students about the community in which they are interviewing. It is a great way for alumni to reconnect and give back to their alma mater and also see the caliber of students at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

Medical student indebtedness has become a national concern, and our alumni are responding and helping us to address this concern by participating in the HOST program.

For more information about this opportunity, visit the Medicine Alumni Society website.