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Free Mental Health Clinic

Free Mental Health Clinic is a student-run free clinic providing basic outpatient mental health services primarily as diagnostic evaluation and medication management to the Iowa City area. Our mission is to bridge gaps in care and provide “transition care” to individuals, including those who have recently moved to the Iowa City area and have not yet found a long-term mental health provider, those who are waiting for insurance coverage period to begin, those who are uninsured or underinsured, and those on a wait list for another provider. We are an interdisciplinary team of medical, pharmacy, and social work students and staff. Our excellent social work team can help patients get connected with a variety of resources, including psychotherapy. Volunteer interpreters are currently available in Spanish. Arabic, French, and other languages may be available upon request.

Clinics are held about every two weeks on Saturday mornings at the Abbe Center in Iowa City. For the safety of our volunteers and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have temporarily transitioned to virtual Telepsych care, allowing us to serve the greater population of the state of Iowa. We will plan to return to in-person clinics sometime in the near future.

To schedule an appointment, you can do any of the following:

  • email freementalhealthclinic@gmail.com
  • call or message our direct line: (515) 346-8083
  • call the Mobile Clinic number (319) 535-2684 and request a referral to the Free Mental Health Clinic. (They can also set you up for a medical appointment as well) 

To volunteer as a student or staff:

  • visit this link and sign up 

Questions? email freementalhealthclinic@gmail.com or contact our Executive Coordinators directly.