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Global Health Distinction Track

The purpose of the Global Health Distinction Track is to support and guide medical students in developing expertise in global health issues with the goal of subsequent career engagement in global health initiatives involving service, policy making, research, and/or teaching.


  • To prepare medical students to collaborate in global health projects with the goal of serving individual and community health needs
  • To provide medical students with the skill set to appropriately prioritize healthcare concerns and participate in the development and implementation of strategies to address these needs
  • To provide mentorship to medical students interested in global health involvement in their careers
  • To enable medical students to have perspective on the rewards and challenges of working in environments and cultures in contrast to those of the American system


Successful completion of the Global Health Distinction Track includes:

  • Satisfactory completion of two on-campus Global Health Programs courses (MED:8081 and MED:8082) which provide a foundation in global health concepts.
  • Community-based involvement in approved Global Health Programs electives and clerkships for a minimum of twelve weeks within the four years of medical school. Involvement must be as a registered Global Health Programs course.
  • Completion of a global health emphasis project. The project will include:
    • submission of a proposal identifying a health care need in a region;
    • participation in research or service delivery in the field;
    • identification of a College of Medicine faculty member to guide and monitor progress;
    • submission of a final report on activity.
  • Presentation of related work at a professional conference or in a College of Medicine setting such as the Global Health Seminar or Department grand rounds session.
  • Submission of information on completion of all requirements.

If you would like to discuss the fit of the Global Health Distinction Track to your plans please contact:
Global Health Programs Office
1187 MERF
(319) 353-5762

Suggested program for completion of track

Recipients and Final Projects 2012-2022