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Spectrum Soccer

Spectrum soccer is a weekly soccer camp offered specifically for the Iowa City Autism community. Led by CCOM student volunteers for two eight-week sessions (one in the fall, one in the spring), this camp is focused on building foundational soccer skills and fostering excitement about the sport of soccer. The camp offers participants and their non-spectrum siblings an opportunity to pursue goal-oriented skills through fun-filled games and drills, including passing, shooting, and scrimmaging. Previous participants have enjoyed the low-stress and high fun atmosphere. As one parent said, "I cannot ever express how grateful we are for the soccer camp. My son was so incredibly excited and then came home so proud of himself for playing. The opportunities for him to participate in any group athletics in a space where he is comfortable and the expectations aren’t as competitive.  Every parent last night commented on how appreciative they were and how happy their kids were. Please tell your colleagues how much we appreciate their time and compassion!  I know how busy you and your colleagues must be, so for you all to take time for others is just incredible. "

Spectrum soccer volunteers serve as positive role models, helping campers stay focused and ensuring that everyone is having fun. Volunteers need not have any previous soccer experience! However, prospective volunteers should commit to at least half of the eight sessions each semester. Please contact andrew-voigt@uiowa.edu with any questions.