Clinical Experiences Committee

General Information

Directors of the core and selective clerkships meet twice a month with the Office of Student Affairs and Curriculum (OSAC) Deans, Curriculum Strand Directors, and representatives from Medical Student Government. In addition, representatives from these departments are invited to attend when agenda items pertain to them: Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, the Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education, the OSAC Registrar and Curriculum Unit. 

Dr. Amal Shibli-Rahhal is OSAC assistant dean and the committee chair. 


  • Members consist of Clerkship Directors, the Chair of the Clinical Experiences committee, four students, the Associate Director of Clinical Curriculum, and a faculty representative from the Des Moines Branch Campus
  • Students must be M2-M4 years. Student Government will determine the student selection, length of terms and term limits
  • Ad Hoc members may be appointed by the Chair or Senior Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Curriculum


  • The Chair is appointed by the Medical Education Council in consultation with the Senior Associate Dean. The term length is three years, but may be renewed by the Senior Associate Dean. A co-chair can be named by the Senior Associate Dean or Chair
  • A secretary is appointed by OSAC and is responsible for recording and distributing the minutes of the meetings as well as maintaining records of committee activities


  • Meetings are held at least monthly through the academic year at a time and place decided by the committee chair in consultation with committee membership

Charge to Clinical Experiences Committee

  • Implement, manage, and review the clinical curriculum
  • Report at least annually to the Medical Education Council on the state of the clinical curriculum
  • Respond to matters assigned to it by the Medical Education Council or Senior Associate Dean

Duties and Responsibilities of the committee include:

  • Review and provide input to the MEC regarding clerkship objectives and instruction within clinical curriculum
  • Enhance integration of foundational science content within clinical curriculum
  • Conduct reviews on targeted areas of need specific to clinical curriculum
  • Recommend and implement policies for ensuring quality in courses and fairness in assessments
  • Assist with coordination of scheduling, facilities, and other resources both within and across semesters
  • Annual survey of clerkships with in depth review of each required core clerkship every two years

Committee Staff

Amal Shibli-Rahhal, MD, MSc, MME, Chair, Associate Dean, OSAC
(319) 335-9825

James Choi, MD, Co-Chair, Assistant Dean, OSAC
(319) 353-4538

Hugh Hansen, MS, Associate Clinical Curriculum Director
(319) 335-7691

Dana Hartman, Curriculum Specialist
(319) 335-6824