Medical Student Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee meets as needed to hear student appeals of the decisions made by the Executive Associate Dean.

(See the Promotions Policies in the Medical Student Handbook.)


The Appeals Committee consists of 9 members:

  • Voting members: 3 faculty representatives from the Medical Council, 2 faculty representatives from the Executive Committee, 1 medical student, 1 community member. 
  • Ex-officio nonvoting members:  the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education and the Promotions Committee chair
    • The Chair of the Medical Student Promotions Committee will attend the Appeals Committee meeting and present the information used by the Promotions Committee in making their recommendation. 
    • The Senior Associate Dean will also provide information as needed and represent the College. 
  • Other members of the Promotions Committee may not serve as voting members on the Appeals Committee. 

Appeals Committee members are appointed by the Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education.  A quorum of 5 members must be present to conduct business.  Decisions of the committee are decided by a simple majority vote of members in attendance.

This Committee does not have a website.