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Medical Student Promotions Committee

The Promotions Committee (see the Promotions Policies in the Medical Student Handbook) meets at the end of each semester to review the academic performance of students, and at other times as needed to review students with academic or behavioral/disciplinary problems.

Committee Members

  • Medical Council - two members
  • Basic Science Faculty - two members
  • Clinical Department Faculty - two members
  • Students - two members (one M2, one either M3 or M4)

Special Cases

The Promotions Committee may require students to meet with them for an interview, and students with academic difficulties may request an opportunity to meet with the Committee to explain their situation. Students with multiple course failures, or failures of a clinical clerkship, will normally be called for an interview.

The recommendations of the Promotions Committee, which may range from remediation of unsatisfactory course work to dismissal from the College, are forwarded to the Executive Dean for ratification or amendment.