Medical Student Performance Evaluation Information and Instructions

What is the MSPE?

The Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) is a letter that summarizes and evaluates the performance of a medical student. There are multiple aspects that are included in the evaluation in order to accurately reflect each student's performance including:

  • Noteworthy Characteristics
  • Academic History
  • Academic Progress
  • Clerkships
  • A summary of all the above

Creating your MSPE

This is the process used to create the MSPE. Read this completely before you begin.  

Make sure you know which faculty member you have been assigned (see the email you received from Dave Etler). Your duties as the student are in bold type.

Step 1

Noteworthy Characteristics video

Please visit the link at the bottom of the page ("START HERE").  The information you provide there will become the Noteworthy Characteristics section of the MSPE.

Step 2

After you have completed the above step, schedule an appointment to talk about the MSPE with your assigned faculty member.

  • You will receive instructions on setting up the appointment after you complete Step 1 above.
  • Schedule your appointment only with the faculty member to whom you've been assigned.
  • There are enough appointments available, but if you want more flexibility in scheduling, you must set up your appointment early!
  • If you don't set up your own appointment by mid July, one will be scheduled for you, and you will be expected to attend regardless of convenience.

Step 3

Once you complete step 2, you will then receive an email from the scheduling site (Signup Genius).  

  • Keep this email; if you have to reschedule, you'll need the links it contains.
  • Make sure to add that email address to your safe senders list so future messages don't go to junk mail.

Step 4

Vide with instructions for MSPE review

The day before the scheduled time, you can return to the system to review your MSPE draft online. Be sure to do that before you meet with your community director or dean the following day. Click the "START HERE" button at the bottom of this page. Log in, and click the Enter Suggestions button to review your draft and make editing suggestions.

Step 5

The final draft of the MSPE will be completed and you will be notified to review it in person sometime in mid September.

  • Comments from clerkships taken up through the the block that ends in mid-August will be included in the final MSPE.  
  • Eight days prior to the national MSPE release date of October 1, no more grades and comments that are turned in by clerkships will be added to MSPEs.
  • Eight days prior to the national MSPE release date of October 1, all students must have reviewed their MSPEs.

Step 6

Following final checks by the OSAC Registrar's staff, your MSPE will be uploaded to ERAS prior to October 1.

Step 7

Your MSPE will be released to residency programs on October 1.

Remain in close contact with us during this process. Return pages, emails and phone calls promptly, or the MSPE may be written without your input.  


Contact Information

If you have any questions, please contact Dave Etler (1191 MERF, 335-8058) or Jess Frahm (1216 MERF, 335-8278).  Direct technical difficulties to Dave.  Phone calls work best.