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Notable Quotes from past IMEI Participants

"The greatest strength of IMEI is being able to get a good grasp on the material that will be covered in the fall.  I learned how best to study and retain large amounts of information in a short amount of time.  I also learned how to be flexible with my study strategies.  Having TAs and professors readily available to help me understand material I didn't completely get on first pass was a significant strength as well."


"Giving you a chance to try different study techniques without pressure.  Giving you a sense of what to expect in CBLs, PCS, anatomy lab and other components of medical school that are new activities.  Overall giving you a sense of what to expect in medical school.  Helping give you a sense for what Iowa City is like.  Giving us a chance to meet faculty and administrators as well as other students in the class.  Helping us figure out the logistics and resources we will need before the school year.  Reducing stress and anxiety about the adjustment."


"This is an amazing program!  I could not have asked for a better experience.  This program has made me understand what it takes to succeed in medical school and what I need to do to be a better student.  I would do this program again in a heartbeat!  So well-organized, dedicated TAs, supportive faculty, again amazing program!"


"IMEI has put me at ease about starting medical school.  I have developed better study habits because I was given a chance to experiment with different studying styles and review techniques.  IMEI also introduced me to other incoming M1's  and I feel like I already have friends and study partners for the fall.  I feel confident and excited to start medical school at Carver this fall thanks to IMEI."