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Online Application Process

Proposals from M1 and pre-M1 students should be developed with the help of your faculty mentor. Submit proposals at the Summer Research Fellowship application site.

M1 fellowship application

The application for M1 Summer Research Fellowship opens December 1. The deadline for submitting the completed application is 6PM CST, February 15, 2023.

PDF iconM1 Sample Proposals.pdf

Proposals cannot exceed four (4) single-spaced pages in length. The following format should be used to write the research proposal:

  1. Project title: Student's name, mentor's name, title and affiliation
  2. Problem statement: A concise statement of the proposed work to be done.
  3. Hypothesis: The specific hypothesis and/or aims of the study.
  4. Relevant background or supporting information: Previous work done on the project - this should be a brief description of the results obtained by others or any work the student has done to date that is particularly pertinent.
  5. Methods: How will you conduct the study? Describe the methods and details of the research plan, including the number of subjects to be used or experiments to be run, if appropriate. Also discuss how the data will be analyzed.
  6. **Role of the student: The proposal must specify what the student's specific role and responsibilities will be in the research.
  7. Summary and significance of the research: Explain why the results of the proposed work may be important.
  8. References: Include background and technical references.

** Failure to address each of these points may adversely affect your score.

Pre-M1 fellowship application

The application for pre-M1 Summer Research Fellowship will open on Jan. 3, 2023. The deadline for submitting the completed application is 6:00 PM CST, February 28, 2023.

PDF iconPre-M1 Sample Proposals.pdf

As soon as you have identified a mentor, send an email to the Medical Student Research Coordinator to indicate your interest and provide the name of your mentor. Next, develop your proposal in the form of an abstract using the above guidelines. Pre-M1 proposals must not exceed two (2) single-spaced pages in length.

All Students

Your mentor must write a letter of support on your behalf, outlining the project and your anticipated interaction in the lab or clinical setting. You also need to obtain a copy of your mentor's NIH-formatted biosketch. Please see Summer Research Fellowship Mentor Responsibilities for more details of mentor requirements.

All application materials are submitted by the student in the online application form.