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Family Medicine Interest Group

On behalf of the University of Iowa Family Medicine Interest Group, we want to welcome you to the College of Medicine and congratulate you on your acceptance! The FMIG is made up of students who are, or think they may be, interested in Family Medicine. Even if you aren’t yet sure of what area of medicine you want to pursue, the events we sponsor are clinically relevant to most areas of medicine, so get involved! Joining the group is FREE!

Why should I Join?

  • FREE 4-year membership into the American Academy of Family Physician* (AAFP)
  • FREE 4-year subscription to the Journal of the AAFP*
  • Free attendance (transportation, hotel, and registration) to the annual AAFP Conference*
  • Members get first priority for spaces available for procedure clinics 

    *Free Membership: Journal subscription and conference attendance made possible throug the generous support of the IAFP.

Anatomy Lab Coat Sale

During the orientation activities fair, stop by the FMIG table to purchase your lab coat.


  • Dinner Speaker Series – hear from practicing family physicians while eating dinner provided by the Iowa Academy of Family Practice (IAFP)
  • American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) Conference for Residents and Medical Students in early August in Kansas City. Largest residency fair in the country!!! Trip paid for by IAFP. Visit the conference website for more information! (www.aafp.org)
  • Procedure Clinics – such as:
    • Suturing
    • Blood Draw
    • Starting IV’s
    • Episiotomy Repair
    • OB Night
    • Casting/Splinting
    • LEEP (for cervical dysplasia)
    • Sports Medicine
  • Socials with Faculty and Residents
  • Community Service programs (Tar Wars, Mini Medical School events for children)
  • Opportunities to learn about Family Practice Residency Programs
  • The FMIG Executive Board is currently planning a dinner series with Family Medicine Residency Programs in Iowa - keep an eye out for information regarding these events! 
  • And much more…

How to Join

  • Visit our table at the orientation activities fair and fill out a registration form (short and easy)
  • If you need more information about the club, please contact our Membership Chair, Ashley Hurd 

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