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First-Generation and Low-Income in Medicine Association (FGLIMed)

The First Generation and Low-income in Medicine Association (FGLIMed) at the Carver college of medicine is dedicated to supporting first-generation college graduates and low-income pre-medical students, medical students, physicians, and faculty members who identify as FGLI. Our goal is to provide first-generation students with broadened academic and professional networking opportunities and advocacy. We strive to promote the well-being and community among medical students who are first-generation and/or from low-income backgrounds.

Leadership Board: 

Co-President and Founder: Michelle Bremer
Co-President: Garrick Gama
Vice President: Betty Tu
Social Activities Director: Maddy Kroeger
Professional Development Director: Priynt Patel
Advocacy Involvement Director: Aline Thiengmany
Public Relations Director: Yumeng Engelking
Faculty Advisors: Nicole del Castillo, MD and Denise Martinez, MD