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Pediatric Interest Group

The Pediatric Interest Group (PIG) is an organization intended to help students learn more about the field of Pediatrics. Medical students who are considering Pediatrics as a specialty, who are interested in what a Pediatrician does, and who want to work with and learn about children are encouraged to participate in activities sponsored by PIG. Some of the activities that PIG has been involved in include: pediatric subspecialty panels for medical students, departmental dinners (with speakers), panels on how to balance medicine and a family, holiday parties with pediatric inpatients, reading program with pediatric inpatients, volunteering opportunities in the hospital and community including programs at the Iowa Children’s Museum, fundraisers for various societies, etc. Another opportunity for students is a mentoring program. PIG will match any student interested in pediatrics with a mentoring pediatrician. The student will have the opportunity to shadow the mentoring pediatrician or use the mentoring pediatrician as a resource for questions about medical school, residency, pediatrics, etc.

PIG is organized by medical students interested in Pediatrics and sponsored by a staff Pediatrician. Questions about the organization can be asked of any of the officers whose names are listed below. We look forward to seeing you at the fall student organization fair and throughout the school year at various PIG sponsored activities!