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Period Education Project (PEP)

The Period Education Project (PEP) is a national, physician-led, non-profit program that works to improve access to menstrual health education, and is specifically targeted to youth ages 12+ and the adults who support them. When young people understand menstrual health, they are prepared to advocate for their own care and recognize troubling conditions, leading to earlier treatment and better outcomes.

PEP works with select medical schools to train small groups of medical students (PEP squads) to facilitate community-based educational workshops (PEP rallies) on menstrual health and period poverty for local youth-oriented groups and their loved ones. Our chapter of PEP here at CCOM aims to eliminate barriers to reproductive health education for youth in the community and to reduce misinformation and stigma regarding menstrual health.

Students who are interested in Ob/Gyn, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, and Community Medicine should consider becoming involved with PEP, though volunteer opportunities are open to everyone! If you would like to learn more, please refer to the PEP website or reach out to one of the representatives on the Executive Board.