Students for a National Health Program

SNaHP aims to serve members through providing education, training, and advocacy

opportunities around health care policy reform. We support the goal of a universal, publicly funded, privately delivered single-payer national health insurance; however we invite everyone interested in health policy, health systems, and health care reform broadly to join us for our events. The first event of the semester is a “Single Payer 101” lunch talk which covers the basic of what single-payer would look like in the US, what its advantages are, and how it differs from other health care systems. We also plan to have a variety of other events, including a debate with representatives for and against single payer, documentary screenings, and social hours for those interested in health policy and advocacy. SNaHP invites medical students as well as students of all allied and public health professions to learn more about single payer health reform and, most importantly, on why they should get involved in health care reform advocacy as medical students and not wait until residency or beyond. We also focus on healthcare reform proposals more broadly by holding events on the direction of healthcare reform after the Affordable Care Act and discussing current bills at the state and federal levels. Lastly, we foster opportunities for collaboration and networking amongst the other SNaHP medical school chapters in the greater Midwest by participating in conferences and other events.