White Coats for Black Lives

White Coats for Black Lives is a national organization led by medical students.  The organization was called to action by the Black Lives Matter movement.  Medicine represents another system affected by racism, and as such, it is important that we as students of the system acknowledge and address this issue as a public health crisis. White Coats for Black Lives originated with the National White Coat Die-In Demonstrations that occurred on December 10, 2014. Since then, there has been a shift away from performative demonstrations, with a focus instead on actions promoting real change in our communities. Here at Iowa, we are committed to fighting for racial justice within medical education, medical care, and in the community around us.


Co-Presidents: Meredith Lie-Atjam and Simran Sarin
Medical Education: Chandler Brown
Community Outreach: Shana Liu and Innes Hicsasmaz
Medial Care: Noah Wick
Social Media: Ariele Andalon