Combined MD Degree Programs

Why Pursue a Combined Degree?

Students can pursue a combined degree program if they are interested in a specific area of medicine where skills from both degrees are utilized. The benefits and potential motivations for pursuing a combined degree are different for each combination.

  • MD/MBA: Students are typically motivated by starting their own medical practice upon completion of this degree
  • MD/JD and MD/MPH: These degrees are especially helpful for students wanting to understand or develop health care policies and medical law
  • MD/PhD: This program allows students to solve patient's medical problems while also performing research the may translate into a clinical cure


The MD/MBA Program was created in partnership with the Tippie College of Business. This program is designed to combine students' medical studies with the team culture found in business. An MBA can also foster practical skills to physicians in smaller practices like communication skills, accounting , and management experience. 


The MD/MPH Program is a combined program through the College of Medicine and the College of Public Health. This program is designed to help students become effective physician scholars and leaders in public health. The public health degree trains students to develop and implement health programs that are specific to the community. 


The MD/PhD Program combines skills needed for both medicine and research. The Iowa Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) provides much of the training for this degree. The MSTP promotes a space for learning the connections between science and medicine.


The MD/JD Program is in partnership with the College of Law. Students who pursue this degree will be rewarded with the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing world and search for solutions to complex problems. This degree trains students to become interdisciplinary leaders in their fields.