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Enrollment Policies

For Enrollment Policies, PDF iconsee section IV of the MD Student Handbook.

  • IV-1. Extended academic schedules  
  • IV-2. Satisfactory academic progress
  • IV-3. Maximum time for degree completion
  • IV-4. Enrollment and Tuition
  • IV-5. Leaves of absence  
  • IV-6. Maternity / Paternity Leaves of Absence
  • IV-7. Dropping and adding clinical clerkships  
  • IV-8. Specialty-Specific Faculty Advising
  • IV-9. Diversity
  • IV-10. Distinction Tracks
  • IV-11. Academic Probation
  • IV-12. Good Standing
  • IV-13. Withdrawal from the College  
  • IV-14. Reinstatement to the College