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Evaluations, Grades and Promotions

For Evaluations, Grades, and Promotions Policies, PDF icon see section II of the MD Student Handbook.

  • II-1. Internal evaluations  
  • II-2. External evaluations including USMLE policies  
  • II-3. Examinations  
  • II-4. Exam comment books  
  • II-5. Policies regarding failed courses and clerkships  
  • II-6. Evaluation in clinical clerkships  
  • II-7. Health Care Provider's Involvement in Student Assessment
  • II-8. AAMC transcript guidelines  
  • II-9. The Medical Student Promotions Committee  
  • II-10. Policies on tutoring  
  • II-11. Medical Student Mistreatment
  • II-12. Grades and Academic Disputes
  • II-13. FERPA and access to academic files