Speak with Faculty

The following list includes the names of professionals and departments on campus that have indicated a willingness and interest in being available for consultation with OSAC staff, and/or serving students of color within the COM by playing the role of counselor (formal or informal), advisor or advocate.  Included below is contact information, as well as each resources interests and specialties.

David Bedell

Associate Professor

Family Medicine
01290 PFP

Interests/Specialty Areas:International Health (focus Latin America), cultural competency in healthcare, health disparities and economics/poverty and health.

Keith D. Carter

Department Head
Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences

11136 F. PFP

Interests/Specialty Areas:  Open to serving in advising, advocacy, or counseling role for any minority students.

Emmanuel Enekwechi

Senior Staff Psychologist

University Counseling Service
3223 Westlawn South

Interests/Specialty Areas: Diversity and Minority Issues; International/foreign student concerns; Psychotherapy; sexual dysfunction; crisis intervention; consultation and outreach; test-taking and study skills enhancement; cognitive-behavioral therapy of Anxiety and Major Depressive Disorders.

Nicole Nisly

Professor (Clinical)
Internal Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Program
SE603 GH

Interests/Specialty Areas: I am the Diversity Officer with the Department of Internal Medicine. My interest is in providing mentoring, guidance and advocacy for minority medical students, residents and fellows, with interest in a career in Internal Medicine.

Dionne Skeete

Associate Professor of Surgery (Clinical)
General Surgery

Division of Acute Care Surgery

Interests/Specialty Areas: My clinical focus outside of general surgery is trauma and critical care. I am willing to provide mentorship and counseling to any student in need of assistance or guidance.

Nicholas Zavazava

Internal Medicine

  Director, Transplantation Research