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Policies for CCOM Student Organizations


  •  The use of the University Of Iowa name is restricted. Policy information: https://opsmanual.uiowa.edu/community-policies/use-university-name  
  • If you have University of Iowa affiliations, you need to have an account set up if you wish to have financial transactions (fundraisers, etc).
  • Outside bank accounts are not allowed without special permission from the UISG office.
  • If any financial transactions are to transpire, you are required to follow the University of Iowa Cash Handling policy.
  • An account needs to be set up at the University of Iowa Student Organization Office via Org-Sync or work with the University of Iowa department that relates to your 'interest group'. CCOM Financial Services are not equipped to handle all of the CCOM Student Orgs, so please follow the guidelines below on how to set up your account. All accounts need to be renewed (maintained) each year (revision of student leaders, etc). 


  • Bake 'Sales' for fundraising have many policies to be followed for a REGISTERED organization. If a licensed vendor DONATES the food, you can put a price on your goods. This is because a licensed vendor has passed any food inspections by the State of Iowa in order to continue business. If the merchandise is homemade however, you CANNOT price your items for sale. You can offer a suggested donation price only. A list of ingredients is also required due to potential donors having allergies. And finally, there is the cash handling policy that needs to be followed. Any time cash is handled, we want to ensure that you are protected so there needs to be a paper trail of financial information.
  • Raffles also come with many policies to follow. They are considered gambling in the State of Iowa. 6% of your proceeds go to the State and 1% to the local school district. Cash handling rules apply with this as well.
  • Selling apparel has to be approved before certain logos are used. Cash handling rules apply.
  • If your student organization is not planning on selling, purchasing, fundraising, raffles, traveling, etc (anything that requires money, including applying for funds from MSG) then you do not have to set up an account with the IMU Business Office. But if you are even considering it, the process takes time, so be pro-active and PLAN AHEAD (months in advance).
  • Funds must be turned into the Financial Services office in 1216 MERF accompanied by a properly filled-out Group Deposit Form.