Humanities Distinction Track

Lauris Kaldjian, MD, PhD, Co-director (Ethics/Humanities)
(319) 335-6706

Jason T. Lewis, MFA, Co-director (Writing/Humanities)
(319) 335-8051


The purpose of the Carver College of Medicine Humanities Distinction Track (HDT) is to encourage, support, and recognize medical students who pursue scholarship in ethics, writing, or the humanities. This track will promote students’ growth as professionals and also further the promotion of humanism in medicine.


  • To support and recognize students who make scholarly or creative contributions in the medical humanities.
  • To prepare students to integrate the medical humanities into their medical careers.
  • To prepare students to be effective promoters of humanism within the profession of medicine.

Declaration of Participation

Students should express their interest in the HDT to one of the track’s co-directors by the end of the M1 year, and they are expected to apply to the HDT by December 31 of the M2 year.  M1 and M2 students who are uncertain about applying to the HDT are encouraged to participate in one of the elective activities required for the HDT during the M2 year to assist their decision making process and, in case they apply, to facilitate the eventual completion of HDT requirements.