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Requirements and Criteria

Students must complete all mandatory activities and at least two elective experiences to graduate with Service Distinction.

Mandatory Activities

  1. Clinical Experience with an Underserved, Marginalized or Rural Population: Choose one of the following for this requirement:
    • MECO or Proteus summer experience
    • M3 Family Medicine rotation aat a rural/underserved site
    • Elective clinical rotation at an approved underserved site
    • Other clinical rotation as approved by SDT Council
  2. Clinical Volunteer Experience: A minimum of 12 volunteer experiences with a free/mobile clinic
    • University of Iowa's Mobile Clinic
    • Iowa City Free Medical Clinic 
      • Committee or Board work may fulfill 3 required sessions. Separate applications for Mobile Clinic and Free Medical Clinic are required.
  3. Capstone Project: A project that includes a scholarly proposal, paper, and presentation
  4. Mentor Meetings: Students meet with their mentor at least once per semester.

Elective Experiences

  • Global Underserved Clinical Experience
  • Other Global approved program (domestic or international)
  • Elective Courses/workshops (e.g. Community Health Outreach Elective, Global Programs Electives)
  • Additional long-term volunteer experiences approved by SDT Council
  • Other electives as approved by SDT Council
  • Other Underserved Clinical Activity (by approval by approval of SDT Council)