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Women in Orthopedics Interest Group

According to a 2018 article in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery, orthopedic surgery continues to be the medical specialty with the lowest proportion of female residents; less than 1% of all female residents are currently in orthopedic surgery residency programs. Additionally, women comprise less than 18% of full-time orthopedic surgery faculty at medical schools, the lowest of all medical specialties. It is believed that women are entering orthopedics at a lower rate due to a lack of female mentors and persistent stereotypes about the field. Conversely, women are frequent patients of orthopedic surgeons, suffering from higher rates of injuries such as anterior cruciate ligament tears and hip labral tears. This medical student group aims to address both of these areas, discussing the experiences of female orthopedic residents and faculty during their training as well as educating potential future orthopedic surgeons on injuries which may disproportionately impact their female patients. Here at UIHC, we have a great resource in a robust orthopedics department, an increased proportion of female orthopedic faculty members, and a large number of female orthopedic surgery residents. The goal of this group is to provide information for female students interested in orthopedic surgery, and to provide information about injuries prevalent in female patients to all students who may be interested in an orthopedics career.