Core B: Muscle Biopsy/Cell Culture/Diagnostics

Moore LabDirector: Dr. Steven A. Moore


The Repository currently contains skeletal muscle biopsies from approximately 4000 neuromuscular disease patients and fibroblast cultures from approximately 175 muscular dystrophy patients. Research scientists may request tissue or cell cultures from specific types of patients by completing the appropriate forms.  A link for request forms is immediately below.

Request forms

In order to accrue new biopsies or cell cultures in the Repository, patient consent forms must be completed. A link for consent forms is immediately below. 

Consent forms  

Special Diagnostics Core

A wide range of muscular dystrophy testing services is currently available in the Department of Pathology at the University of Iowa. Information, requisitions, and shipping instructions for this routine testing can be accessed via the Pathology Muscular Dystrophy Testing Website.

The Special Diagnostics Core in the Iowa Wellstone MDCRC will provide protein-based testing for muscular dystrophy patients that is not available in the Iowa clinical laboratories. At the present time this includes western blots from skeletal muscle as well as on-cell westerns and nuclear morphology assays in cultured cells. Additional tests will be added over time. For additional information please contact Steven A. Moore.

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