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The center has cataloged ferret reagents that are of general use and available through the Center or commercial sources, including: antibodies, cDNAs, bacterial isolates, primary airway cells from disease models, and recombinant viruses for use in ferrets. We have gathered information on >100 commercially available antibodies that work in ferret tissue samples (by Western blotting, immunostaining, ELISA, and immunoprecipitation), and in some cases we have generated new antibodies. In addition, the Center continues to catalog antibodies evaluated by other investigators to assist the broader community in finding needed reagents.

An initial draft of the ferret genome has been deposited in Ensembl. This information has enabled the first ferret microarrays on cystic fibrosis ferret lung samples and improved protein identification in ferret proteomics research. The Center is working to provide publically accessible databases and downloadable files with improved annotation of the Ensembl gene and protein IDs (i.e., mass spectrometry Mascot files and excel files). For access to these files please contact the Center.