A.  Ferret tissues and cells
Sample collection and preparation can be tailored to specific investigator needs. Samples can originate from either wild type or cystic fibrosis ferrets, and range from fixed sections to primary cell lines and viable tissue. To request samples, please download, complete and return the completed request form: Microsoft Office document iconTissue Sample Request Form.doc For questions or requests not listed on the form, please contact us.

B.  Creation of genetic ferret models
This Center has experience in the creation of new ferret disease models including knockout, knock-in, and transgenic models. To submit an application for the creation of a new genetic ferret model, please download and return the application for model creation: Microsoft Office document iconApplication for New Ferret Model.doc. For more information or to answer questions, please contact us.

C. Contract Experiments
Center staff can perform experiments for investigators seeking to test gene therapies, stem cell-based therapies, pharmacologic therapies, and anti-inflammatory therapies for cystic fibrosis. We have experience in a wide range of ex vivo tissue models of the airway (e.g., polarized airway cultures and tracheal xenografts) as well as the ability to perform in vivo studies. To request the Center perform an experiment or protocol, please completed and return the experimental request form: Microsoft Office document iconApplication for Studies in CF and Non-CF Ferrets.doc. For more information, please contact us.

D.  Training
For studies in cystic fibrosis animals, Center staff will provide training on methods for rearing the animals, delivering agents, and preparing/analyzing ex vivo tissue models of the airway (e.g., polarized airway cultures and tracheal xenografts). Please contact us to provide individualized training.